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Understanding your choices

Our experienced agents leverage expertise, market knowledge, and key industry partnerships to ease you through the process of selling your commercial property. We begin by understanding your motivations and goals. Then, we establish a timeline and marketing plan and analyze how your property compares with others on the market. Our agents have a track record of proven success, and you can rely on us to be your champion and best source for solutions.

Understand Value

Assessing your property’s market value

A thorough review of your property’s books and records, rent roll, and profit and loss statement will help us to build a complete analysis. We use this in conjunction with a comprehensive market analysis to reveal vital information and determine an effective market price. Our goal is to attract qualified buyers and drive maximum interest in your property, and we use price as a strategy to entice buyers into a competitive bidding environment. Understanding your property’s value and the key market objections will help us mitigate obstacles and create effective strategies for overcoming them.


Exclusive listing for your benefit

We believe in transparency, and, at this early stage, we want you to feel confident about our plans to sell your property. An exclusive listing agreement enables us to be the singular point of contact for every aspect of the sale of your property. It covers the basic terms of our mutual commitment, including the length of time the property will be on the market. We also discuss our sales and marketing strategy and make sure you know what to expect as we move through the process.


Building & executing the marketing plan

Every property is unique and needs a customized marketing plan. We combine industry-defining tech and robust online marketing strategies with tried-and-true techniques like direct call campaigns, high-quality offering memorandums, and team collaboration to give your property optimum exposure. We also utilize our trusted network of vendors, like photographers and graphic designers, to showcase your property, creating local and national awareness.


Working with buyers

At this critical stage, we’ll leverage every negotiation tool to help you make the best deal possible and arrive at a price and terms that both you and the buyer can agree upon. We use our extensive knowledge to qualify and refine the buyer pool, and we aggregate, field, and present all offers.

Manage Escrow

Mitigating surprises

Commercial purchases can be complicated, and most transactions need to be managed throughout the entire escrow process. We work with all parties to coordinate inspections, post notices, follow up with loan processing, and assist with third-party consultants such as environmental, civil engineering, soil testing, survey, title, etc. Our purpose is to choreograph the process for a smooth close.

Remove Contingencies

Reducing re-trading

Once the buyer’s final review of the property is complete, it’s time for them to remove contingencies. Should new information come to light during the inspection period, we may have another round of negotiations before closing escrow. Our agents are experts in managing this part of the process to keep the deal alive while negotiating potential repairs and/or concessions. By using proper disclosures and honest marketing information, we reduce the probability that the buyer will ask for changes to the purchase agreement.


Celebrating your success

Making it through escrow is no easy task. Once the negotiations are over, funds are available, and escrow documents have been signed, we are ready to close. However, closing escrow is not the end. Most of our clients chose to perform a 1031 exchange to defer any capital gains. We work with our clients to assess their changing needs and help them trade into another commercial property that better suits their goals. In the exchange process, timing is everything, and we have a succinct, seamless process that produces optimal results.

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